Donation Campaign. Pease read and help if you can.

I’m officially asking for donations to buy a new and more powerful PC that suits the needs of programmations and running/debugging a game at the same time.

You might be a regular customer, you might have bought only one modding tool from me, or you might just want to help me with this project. Your help is welcomed whatever the case may be. A better PC means faster work and better productivity. Which leads to better mods for better games.
Right now it is just frustrating to work, because the pc I have is too slow to do anything, and I don’t see any improvements.

The PC I’m looking for is a rather expensive one. I can already put 60% of the price. 20% have been donated by a generous friend. Which left us if 20% left. I need +600€ to cover the price and shipping. It’s like 60 people donating 10€. So please donate what you can, any amount is of a great help.

I will try to update this page with the donation progression on a daily basis. Hopefully I will have to.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your help if you can donate.

Best Regards,


Thanks to some generous donators, I was able to get the PC I needed to work on the PC trainer.

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