General Program Help


Prerequisites: (Windows 7/8.1/10 is recommended)
Mandatory Installation: If you don’t have these installed already, please download and install the latest: DotNet Framework and C+ Redistributables.

  • Download the archive file to your PC. The archive file link is at the end of this mail.
    Note: The archive file is a 7z/zip/rar file that contains the installer.exe (setup) of the software you purchased. This could trigger a False Positive from antivirus. There is no virus in the file.
  • Extract the installer.exe from the archive file
    Note:You need to right click on the archive file, and then select extract (do this preferably with 7-zip). It needs to ask for a password. If it doesn’t, there is something wrong, for example, do not use the built-in Windows extractor.
  • Run the installer.
    Follow the indications on the screen to install the software and its files to “C:Program FilesCodes Prince” or ” C:Program Files (x86)Codes Prince”.
    Note: If you get an error message when extracting/downloading the archive/installer, it’s probably related to your antivirus seeing it as a “False Positive”. You need to add the archive file and it’s folder as an exception in your Antivirus.
  • Before opening the installed software, make sure you add the installed software and its folder as an exception in both your Anti-virus and Firewall (even for the default Microsoft defender/firewall), because it interferes with the installation and then the use of the software .
    Note: In addition, you can also just add the “Codes Prince” folder that will be created and located in “C:Program Files” or ” C:  Program Files (x86)”. Otherwise, please disable all antivirus and firewall.
  • Open the software and register the licence.
    Open it using the Program Menu or Desktop shortcut, and enter the license provided (copy/paste the licence code given above). This should activate the software.
    Note: You will have to do this only one time. It may take a few seconds or minutes, depending on your system speed. If you experience any issue, report to the troubleshooting guide at the end of this tutorial.
  • Now that the software is correctly installed, follow the video(s) to know the steps to mod the game (Opening the game, doing edits, saving etc.).
    You can read the FAQ regarding Save Wizard on how to open the save HERE.

Final Note: Make sure you check the website to know what mods work for which version of the game.

Do not update your game if you still want to use the editor. The editor is for specified versions of the game. It’s stated on the website.



If you have any issue regarding the download/extraction of the zip file, the use of the PKG file or the use of the actual editor, please make sure you:- Do NOT use the built-in zip extractor from Windows 10. Right click on the Zip file & extract (with 7-zip it’s even better), instead of entering and extracting.

– Make sure the Zip file, the PKG file, and the entire folder of the save editor itself is set as an exception for all your antivirus softwares & firewalls.

– Make sure you do not use a VPN when using the save editor, unless you are in Korea, in which case, use a VPN to another location like Sweden.

– If you have issues registering the licence, make sure your folders are not set to read only, that your PC language is set to english, and that you are extracting the software to your real desktop path, not a fake one drive desktop.
You are done !
Enjoy !