General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

In buying one of my product/service, you signify your understanding and agreement to the Terms of sale and Terms of use below (page 2).

Click “I have read and I agree” below to acknowledge that you have read the Terms of sale and Terms of use and that you agree to these terms, then you can go to the shop page:

I have read and I agree
to these Terms of sale and Terms of use, thus I will abide to these terms, go to the shop”

201 thoughts on “General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

      1. Is there way to get the gmail download again i forgot to take the message out of the spam folder and it was deleted


  1. Hi I would like to buy the MHW mode but looks like the Ps4 save wizard now does not allow advance moding for MHW. How can I transfer the save back to Ps4 after moding?


  2. Hey i just ordered the nioh 2 save editor, i think i might have ordered twice as when i put my information the first time nothing seemed to have happened, so i put in my information again to make sure there wasnt a problem, I understand that in the terms i cant get refunded, so im not too sure what to do.


  3. Hi do you have a wwe 13 and wwe 12 save editor? And if you do does the save editor includes dlc? If so I’d like to buy it.


  4. Hello!
    Looking for your support to have HITMAN 2 & 3 cheats! As we are not able to find it anywhere!
    Thank you in advance.


  5. hi friend I am planning to buy package [PS4 / PS5] Save Editor for NH 2 by paypal, can you let me ask after the payment is finished, you will send it to my paypal gmail right ?


  6. Hey there, just purchased the Nioh 2 save editor, just wondering if I’ll be notified of it being sent to me?



  7. i Purchase the nioh2 save editor when will i receive it ?
    nice job by the way you guys are great!


  8. Hi, I purchased the AC Valhalla save editor. Looking forward to using it. How long does it take to receive the email with save editor download and code?


    1. Hi, I’m not related to Save Wizard. I do not send you their software. I only propose the Valhalla save editor, if you bought it from me, then I sent it to you, search in your spam box.


    1. I do not have any purchase from the mail you used to comment here. Use the contact form and specify the mail you used to make purchase. I’ll check if I already sent it to you.


  9. I’m interested in buying this nioh 2 mod tool, and I have save wizard. But I’m wondering if it’s as simple to use as save wizard. Do I just open a save and click the cheats I want, or is it more involved?

    It sounds like it functions through save wizard advanced, whichbi have not used. Is this simple enough that it would take most people 15min to do, or will I be searching through and editing things for 1 hour?


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