Thank you for your Purchase


Your payment has been received. You will get your product or service within 48h* to the email address you used to make your purchase. Which means I have up to 48h* to get in contact with you to send the product to you.
Note: A receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account or login to your mail to view details of this transaction.

Important: Please read the FAQ to know what to do to ensure the correct delivery to your mail. Do not forget to check your SPAM box.

*Most of the time you will not have to wait that long (same day if purchased during processing hours), but if past a reasonable time you still did not receive any mail from me, please read the FAQ to know what to do. Do not open any dispute.

You can read another time Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use you abided to before buying my product.
In buying one of my products, you signified your understanding and agreement to these terms.

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▶ What to do if you don’t receive the tool after 48h

Before taking any measure, please read the FAQ to know what to do if you did not receive a mail within 48 hours of your purchase.

171 thoughts on “Thank you for your Purchase

    1. What do you mean ? did you use Paypal to buy ? then the email you used on the paypal account is where I sent the tool to. Just connect to that email account, and you will find the mail I sent, check the spam box as well.


  1. just purchased Nioh 2. Ive checked spam and main inbox and haven’t found anything yet. Everyone else seems to be posting to receive it, so I’m following suite


  2. Hey there just leaving this here just in case. (I understand it will be in my Spam folder) Thanks for the tools i appreciate it!


  3. Thank you for sending the Trainer I’ve been using it for long time on my old PC and now it’s time to use it on my new one, such an amazing tool
    I just have only one wish for this Trainer, another option in the matches misc. if it’s possible
    just like in 2K22 trainer, the unlimited recovery mod or unlimited stunned mod if it’s possible ❤
    thank you kindly.


  4. bruh i just bought the SE for AC valhalla on ps4, i just don;t get it , why we gotta w8 for an entire 2 day period to get sent a software? what’s so complicated about this my dude?, it’s not like u’r sending me encrypted nuke codes XD…


    1. No it doesn’t have to take 48h, I say this so you know I have up to 48h to send it to you. You can receive it the minute/hour after you make your purchase, or the day after. In any case, If you don’t receive it after 48h, you need to contact me, because that means your mail provider filtered the mail I sent to you.


  5. Just ordered the pc trainer/editor for God of War I bought the one for WWE2K22 and love the hell out of that so super excited for this and can’t wait


  6. hi i just made a purchase for the gowr save editor and when i wrote down my email, i missed out the L in “hotmail” could you please help me out


  7. Hey There, I just purchased your save trainer for nioh 2, i got the confirmation email on purchase, am i expecting a wait to receive the link to download the trainer or does it download from the site?


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