Thank you for your Purchase


Your payment have been received. You will get your product or service within 48h to the PayPal email address you bought the tool with. Which means I have 48h to get in contact with you to send the product to you.
Note: A receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.

You can read another time Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use you abided to before buying my product.
In buying one of my products, you signified your understanding and agreement to these terms.

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▶ What to do if you don’t receive the tool after 48h

Before taking any measures:
If you didn’t receive the tool after 48h, then send me an email to the paypal address you paid to, using the paypal address you paid with.

Reasons why you may not have received the product:
– I am not in a place where I can send it to you
– I have internet issues
– I can’t send it to you because I get an error when sending an email to you. In which case, I will let you know by editing the “transaction status” on paypal website.

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