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2 thoughts on “Unsubscribe ?

  1. shoutout to KG971 isa smart and amazing dude who makes for us possible to use that crazy shit we use on our ps4 to mod and cheat I have read his post where he described that people don’t like it to pay for his work and some people even stole his works and now probably sell it as their own first of all to those user who complain about paying as kg described if you like his hard doing work its obviously that you have to pay and kg prices are not high I mean sure 25- 40 euro /dollar but it is affordable and the quality of his products are worth it and he also helps wenn there is a problem with his products few days ago my hard drive died and my S.E was deleted I contact KG Explained him everything filled out a form and he helped me and now I have my S.E back

    KG Products Quality – A+
    Support of KG – A+
    Service of KG – A+

    KG Bro keep up that good work


  2. oh i forgot 2nd thing to those people who stole his projects and use it or probably sell it now as their own you guys are wankers shame on you I don’t understand why they hack his program I mean if they’re smart enough to hack why they don’t make they re own program then as KG said these kind of people are pathetic and haters
    I agree with him


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