Save Wizard for PS4 Requirements

A paid third party software is required to use my PS4/PS5 Save Editors. You need to buy it here and make sure the program version and the PS4/PS5 firmware version are the ones specified below, but also make sure the ability to copy saves to external usb device is enabled on your PS4/PS5 for a PSN account.
If “Advanced Mode” is removed by Save Wizard, I can’t be held responsible, as the editor will still work with decrypted saves as intended.


Current supported Save Wizard for PS4 MAX: 1.0.7430
Current supported Save Wizard for PS4 US: 1.0.7410
Current supported PS4 firmware version: 10.50 or below to be able to mod your own save.
Current supported PS5 firmware version: 23.01-07.02.00 or below to be able to mod PS4 saves on PS5.
However even if you have the latest PS4/PS5 firmware available on PSN, one which is not supported on Save Wizard, you will still be able to mod your save if you have a backup under the supported firmware, or if I send you a save under the supported firmware. So please contact me before ordering.

Save Wizard For PS4/PS4 MAX Disclaimer
I did not reverse-engineer this software. My editors do not connect to it and do not connect to its server or make use of any API or external command. I do not edit its memory either. No software source code was exploited, no servers and no connections were monitored.

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