How To ?

How to get the save editors/trainers/services ? Is it legal ?

First of all, most of my editors are not freeware, they are softwares, which means you have to buy them, just like you would buy any other products online. Same for the trainers and editing services.
It is perfectly legal for you to mod your save/edit the “live memory” of a game, and for me to sell a way to do it. OFFLINE. For more info, please read the Legal Disclaimer.

Here is how to buy my products/services.
I only accept Credit/Debit Cards. Payment is done via It’s easy to use, and safe for both buyer (you) and seller (me).
If you really can’t use any of the payment methods here, contact me and we will find another way of payment.

I would like to state that all the editors/trainers/services available are made by me. Also I reserve the right to refuse to sell my products to someone if I decide to.
In which case the buyer will be refunded immediately.

You can just visit this page: Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. This page contains the terms you need to agree to before purchasing & using my services. Once you have read it, click “I agree”, and you shall be linked to all the Payment links for the editors and services available to purchase.

You have to open the Payment link, and there you pay the price specified.
You will then receive the tool you paid for within 48h after payment.

You have one option to select from: One Time flat fee (Buy Now button).

Small Sub Now Button – Means that you will pay a one time flat fee to access the editor of your choice for an indefinite amount of time. You can also ask for a special deal to have access to ALL of the editors also for a one time flat fee (See exceptions on the shop page)

If you have any questions, make sure to read the FAQ. If however you still have questions, feel free to use the “contact me” form below this post.


63 thoughts on “How To ?

      1. Hi, I wanted to modify my save from mhw iceborne, just wanting all 99 items, money and points …. I want to know how much this service costs and also inform you that my playstation is in the latest version (7.02) and im from Europe. Thanks


  1. hello i sent two requests of two games if you can do save modes of them , I didn’t get an answer , I just make sure if you receive it


      1. perfect
        then I buy an editing service to get the mod of the colosseum of heroes
        as soon as I have made the payment, where do I have to write to let me know that I bought it?


      2. Once the payment is received, you will receive a form to fill to the paypal email within 24h. Once you returned the form completed right, you will receive the save within 48h.


      1. K.G 971 can u plz tell me y u modder can’t teach us how to mod I’ve been trying to see how to mod but every time I try to search up how to mod games nothing comes up but yet you people have been moding games how r u doing this


    1. Is it possible to pay you to get you to update the trainer or something? I am not sure that would you are suggesting is the problem unless you haven’t actually updated the trainer since the release of the newest extra characters DLC.


  2. Hello so is there a way I can contact you easier so I can ask if you can do certain things and how much it would cost


  3. Hello, I would like to know the prices for:
    Maximum affinity, maximum attack, maximum defense,
    Max Master Rank (999) and Save Slot transfer in save 2 instead of save 1 and
    All weapons of Safijivas. Thanks in advance good day to you


  4. Hey I sent you another messages similar to this but just incase it doesn’t go through I was wondering where can I contact you for the extra modding purchase for mhw I wanted two that weren’t included in the mhw modding service packs

    1. Region swap (Switch to US)
    2. Increase gameplay hours (to around 100)

    How much would it be in total ?
    Do I pay after ?
    Thx in advance


    1. The troubleshooting to this issue is in the mail sent to you. If still have an issue, contact me directly with the contact form on the website, or reply directly to the mail I sent you.


  5. Good morning,

    I would like to make a customer order for the following.

    Extra: Master Rank Augmentation Mods options C & D.
    Extra: Palico Mods All three options
    Extra: Activate Safi Jiiva Awakening System
    Extra: Activate Kulve Taroth Awakening System
    All Safi Jiiva weapons unlocked
    An entire Fatalis b variant armor set with armor levels past max like the Kirin armor you demonstrated in the video.
    An entire Safi Jiiva b variant armor set with armor levels past max like the Kirin armor you demonstrated in the video. Along with Equip 3 jewels No matter how many slots the item has, and no matter what level the slots are.


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