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PC Editor for GOW

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Almost a year ago I made an Advanced Save Editor for GOW on Playstation 4, now that GOW is available on PC, I decided to do the same for that platform.
This editor works for ALL regions of the game (US, CN, EUR). You can buy the game on all major PC gaming websites and even local stores.
Saves Supported are from these Game Updates: 1.0.438 / 1.0.5 / 1.0.6 / 1.0.7 / 1.0.8
Note: If there is a new game update let me know before buying.

Note: There is no guarantee the editor/modded saves will work past the supported versions. So if you want to use the editor/modded saves, do not update your game until you read that the version is supported and the features you want are supported as well.

The mods are meant to be used OFFLINE. Do not go online.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Sony, Santa Monica Studio or any company related to the game. All names, images and logos are their respective properties (If you want me to remove something, please check the Legal Disclaimer). The edits are meant to be used in offline mode on any platform its meant to be used. I limit it as far as can in coding, and buyers swear on their honour to use it offline.

  • Features
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Global Notes:
– Unless stated otherwise, you do not have to have at least 1 of the items you want to edit for any cheat to work. The editor will automatically add the said items for you.
– All the features can be used at any point of the story.
Important Note: No DLC/Paid content is unlockable via the editor.

☑ Global Save Manager
With the editor, it is easy to mod exactly the save you want. Sorted from newest to oldest like in the game, with Colors, and info like Date/Time, Difficulty /NG+, Title etc.
You can edit, delete, extract, import any subsave, be it manual or automatic.

☑ Auto-Load/Backup Feature [NEW]
The editor automatically loads the gamesave from the default gamesave path it automatically found or that you specified. A Backup can also be created, depending on your choice.

☑ Max XP & HS
You can max your Experience & Hacksilver, or set it to a custom amount.

☑ Resources Mods
You can have add any resource, within the cap the game has. Example 99999 Skap Slag, but only 1 Ultimate Sacrifice.
Resources Include: All the resources seen in the video, including Valkyrie Helmets & NG+ items.

☑ Max Idunn Apple & Horn of Blood Mead
You can either max it out or add whatever amount you want.
Note: In the video, the Spartan Rage 2nd bar unlock was not reflected, but it does indeed unlock it in an updated version of the cheat done after the video. Please refer to the picture in the “More Media” section of this page.

☑ Refill your Health & Spartan Rage
Refill your Health & Spartan Rage to the max you can have.

☑ Max Stats
Using Yggdrasil’s Dews, the editor will add the corresponding amount to reach the corresponding Stat value you want.
Important Note: The values are sometimes capped. As far as I know (but I could be wrong), Strenght/Runic/Defense/Cooldown seem to be capped. However, editing Vitality gives you almost infinite health, and Luck gives you a 100% chance of activating perks. 
Eg: Editing your Strenght to 20000 will not give you that actual amount, the game will cap it, most likely.

☑ Get All Muspellheim Keys
Key of the First, Key of the Second, Key of the Third, Key of the Fourth, Key of the Fifth.

☑ Get and Max Mist Echos and Anchor of Fog for Niflheim

☑ Get Chilling Mist of Niflheim / Raging Inferno of Muspelheim

☑ Get All Axe / Blades Upgrade Resources
You will get: Max Frozen Flames, Chilling Mist of Niflheim, Chaos Flame, Raging Inferno of Muspelheim.

☑ Get All 3 Dwarven Legend Resources
You will get: Dragon’s Fury, Screams of the Innocent, Ultimate Sacrifice.

☑ Get All Valkyries Helmets
You can have all of them, with or without Sigrun’s, your choice.

☑ Max Skap Slag (NG+)
You can either max it out or add whatever amount you want.

☑ Get and Max All Main Resources
This will max your resources, and add the ones you are missing. Including NG+ resources etc.
Note: Some items are capped within the game.

☑ Resurrection Stones
You can add one of the stones at any time (Simple/Superior/Berserker).

☑ Inventory/Equipment Modifiers
This feature will allow you to customize your Inventory.
You will be able to:
– Add almost any Resource you want
– Add any Armor Set you want (Except Death’s Vow)
– Swap any Armor piece you want by any Armor piece (Except Death’s Vow)

☑ Inventory/Equipment Modifiers
Max the level of all the equipment you have.
Including: Armor Sets, Talismans, Runic Attacks, Pommels, Skills.

☑ Current Equipment Manager
With this, you will be able to edit your current equipment. You will be able to:
– Equip Death’s Vow Armor Set
– Unequip/Equip any piece of armor (chest/wrist/waist), including having no armor equipped.
– Unequip/Equip Mimir/Bifrost/Blades of Chaos/Leviathan’s Axe/Shields
– Equip Atreus Tunics
– Do all the above, even if you do not have the related item unlocked (meaning the editor will add the specified gear you want equipped in your inventory)

☑ Enchantment Modifiers
You will be able to either mass edit enchantments effect with the filters you want, or individually edit enchantments effects equipped on armors (you don’t have to wear them).
Important Note 01: Some Enchantments are capped in the game. So you can’t edit them. The editor will automatically detect them and let you know.
Most Unique Enchantments you can find in the world are capped. Any enchantment bought from Sindri/Brok is editable. 
– You can change all the enchantments with the effect Vitality 10 to Vitality 1000. That will leave all the other enchantments untouched, including other enchantments having a different Vitality value.
– You can change only the enchantment that is equipped on Tyr’s Gauntlets
– You can’t edit Tyr’s Shard Effects.
Important Note 02: The values are sometimes capped. As far as I know (but I could be wrong), Strenght/Runic/Defense/Cooldown seem to be capped. However, editing Vitality gives you almost infinite health, and Luck gives you a 100% chance of activating perks. 
Eg: Editing your Strenght to 20000 will not give you that actual amount, the game will cap it, most likely.

☑ Get Max Enchantments
Add a batch of Enchantments, including NG+ & Level 9 enchantments

☑ Difficulty Modifiers
You can change the difficulty of your save, including to/from God of War difficulty.

☑ Unlock NG+ Option
You can unlock this option in the Main Game Menu.
Note: This will also allow you to skip the cutscenes if you want to. 

☑ Unlock Any Armor Set
You can unlock any Armor Set, at any point in the story.
Eg: Just get Zeus Armor set at the start of the story for example and not all armors.

☑ Unlock Everything
This will unlock and add:
– All Kratos Normal/NG+ Armor Sets
– All Atreus Gears (Including NG+)
– All Shields (GOW Aspis of Spartan Fury & Radiant Shield of Unity, Aegis of Reconciliation & Barrier of the Fjord)
– All Runic Attacks (Axe/Blades)
– All Atreus Runic Invocations
– All Talismans (some might be missing)
– All Pommels (Axe/Blades)
– All Skills (Axe, Shield, Blades, Bow)
All your Equipment will also be at max level.
You can decide to use the alternate version of this feature, in which case you will also get:
– Your Lore/Bestiary filled (with spoilers)
– You will have the Alchemist’s Ring, Andvari’s Hammer, Dragon Tooth, Thamu’s Chisel & the Vivarium Key Stone.
If you selected “Only Kratos Armors” when using the cheat, then only Kratos Armor Sets will be unlocked and added.

☑ PS4 NG+ Save Import [HOT]
Using a decrypted GOW PS4 save, you can import a decrypted sub gamesave into your PC game save in order to create a NG+ game session.
FYI: You can’t convert a PS4 save to play as is on the PC version. For example, let’s say you are in the final Valkyrie Fight on PS4, and you want to take it from here and continue to  play on PC from that point in the story, it’s not possible.
You will just be able to get your gear etc.. from that save, from that point, to create a NG+, just like you would create a regular NG+ from a save in the game.

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  • Download/Buy


Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the tool you want. Once the payment is received, you will then receive an email with the instructions in the next 48h* following the purchase.
*Most of the time you do not have to wait 48h, read the FAQ to ensure you don’t wait too long.

Note: You can also use the button below. (You still have to read the terms and visit the shop page to agree to the terms and to know more about supported versions of the game etc. before buying)

  • Tutorial
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☞ ▪ For PC:
You need a Win PC with the right redistributables installed.A full Tutorial after you have bought the tool will be sent to you.

  • More about KG971
☞ ▪ Twitter
 ☞ ▪ Facebook

63 thoughts on “[PC] Editor for GOW

    1. Hi, thank you, but I do not have any purchase from the email you used to comment here.
      However I do have one from an email using some words used in that mail.
      If you did use another mail on paypal to buy this, please log into that mail and check your spam folder, as I sent the tool already.


  1. Just paid and waiting for the link. Should be fun to mess about with this, after having done a few normal playthroughs already.


    1. Hi, thank you! yes it should be fun, that’s what I did and it was cool replaying the story with Topless Kratos like the old days.
      I just sent it to you, please check your spam mails.


  2. Hi,
    Save editor is very good, is there way you can make tool to edit properties of enchantments e.g. increasing burn / frost damage % and cap level also adding additional feature to amour set. This can make modding the game to next level.


  3. Hi KG971,
    Hope you’ve been well. Following up about that message you left on one of my videos regarding this save editor being available on PC. Would you like me to purchase or is there a way to change it to PC version?



    1. Weeks ago ? I send everything the same day, or within 48h. If you did not receive the trainer, then why did you wait that long before writing here ? I do not have a purchase with the email you used to comment here. Did you use another email to buy ? Use the contact form to give more details on your purchase.


  4. Just bought this editor since it looked the most professional out of all the ones I’ve seen and can’t wait to try it out. I have beaten GoW to many times to count at this point and want to see how far I can push the stats before hitting the in-game cap. Keep up the good work.


  5. hey, just bought it under an email similar to my name!! really looking forward to this; the valkyrie fights have bigtime sucked for me lol


  6. Not GOW related, but are perhaps gonna work on Monster Hunter: Rise like you did with World? If so I’m pretty excited about it.


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