[PS3] Editing Service for UFC Und. 3

Save Editing Service for UFC Und. 3


  • Description

There is no longer online on this game, so I can now do this for you guys. (And respect at the same time the other reason I said why I didn’t release aything before for this game)
FYI, The checksum is a bit complicated to code, so I need to fix it manually. This is why I can only mod your save for your, and can’t release an editor.
Xbox 360 checksum is slightly different, I can’t get the game to recognise the save when I fix it on this platform.
So it’s why I can only mod your PS3 saves.
Also, it is only for the BLES01231 version of the game, because I don’t have the BLUS version. If you are willing to help me get the BLUS version of the game, then let me know.

If you have a CFW (Custom Firmware PS3), then you will be able to send me your own save for me to mod it.
If you don’t have a CFW and you have a Retail PS3, then you will have to use a starter save I will send to you.

NOTE: If you have a CFW PS3 and you want to mod your CAF stats and more, BY YOUSELF, then watch this video of the Trainer for UFC 3:

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with UFC, EA, THQ or any company related to the game. All names, images and logos are their respective properties (If you want me to remove something, please check the Legal Disclaimer). The edits are meant to be used in offline mode on any platform its meant to be used. I limit it as far as can in coding, and buyers swear on their honour to use it offline.


  • Features of the Modding Service

The service is for PS3 only (BLES01231 Version only):

☑ 1 Max VS Mode CAF(free battle mode created fighter)
☑ 1 Max Career Mode CAF (fighters created in career mode)

How it works:
– For Career mode, make sure you don’t train after I mod the save. Or else it will go back to default.
Also, if you have the career tutorial set on, Then make sure you are already passed the training, strategy, and skill explanations stages before sending me the save.

– For VS mode, make sure you don’t edit the stats and skills after I mod the save, or else it will go back to default max.

I will mod up to 2 CAFs only. You will also be able to tell me if you want custom stats for both of them.
example: 150 Speed, 168 Takedown etc.


  • Request your Modding Service

Modding Service/Buy

Visit the “Modding Service/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the service you want. Once the payment is received, you will then receive an email with the instructions in the next 48h* following the purchase.
*Most of the time you do not have to wait 48h, read the FAQ to ensure you don’t wait too long.

Note: You can also use the button below. (You still have to read the terms and visit the shop page to agree to the terms and to know more about supported versions of the game etc. before buying)



  • Tutorial

Once the payment made, upload your gamesave (CAF and System files) on mediafire.com and you send me the link via email.
You will then receive the modded game save by email within 48h.
A full tutorial will be sent to you by email, if you don’t know how to upload your save on mediafire, and put it back on your device.

  • More about KG971
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