[Xbox360 | PS3] Save Editor for RE Revelations

Save Editor for RE Revelations


  • Description

I release my latest save editor for sale. One for Resident Evil Revelations on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
You can buy the game on all major gaming websites and local stores.

It’s time to unlock everything in both story mode & raid mode. Get unlimited ammos, herbs and much more. You have a large panel of features to chose for you to get the best gaming experience you want. You can even play as Rachael in story mode, or play as Jill in her wet suit in raid mode & story mode.

You want to add multiple damages mods part to your weapons ? Or even get a auto loader for your gun ? Well now it’s possible to cheat with the various Resident Evil Revelation mods this program offers.

Personal Comment: I have to admit, Rachael have 2 of the most incredible weapons in this game, if you see what I mean…

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Capcom or any company related to the game. All names, images and logos are their respective properties (If you want me to remove something, please check the Legal Disclaimer). The edits are meant to be used in offline mode on any platform its meant to be used. I limit it as far as can in coding, and buyers swear on their honour to use it offline.


  • Features

Editor for Retail Xbox 360 & PS3:

☑ Mod All Inventory (Amounts & Items, Grenades ect…) (Story Mode and Raid Mode)
☑ Mod Weapons (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Max ammos & consumables (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlimited ammos & consummables (Raid Mode)
☑ Remove weapons mods limit (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Outfits & Characters (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Weapons (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Weapons Mods (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Mod Battle Points (points to buy stuff in the store)
☑ Level & Current Level Mods (Set your level & current level to 100 Max)
☑ Max Level Weapons (Get all rares Level 50 weapons)
☑ Play as Modifiers (Play as a custom character in story mode & raid mode)
▪ For example, play as Rachael in Story mode, and Jill Wetsuit in Raid mode

The most complete editor on the scene as we speak.


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  • Download/Buy

Modding Service/Buy

Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the tool you want. Once the payment is received, you will then receive an email with the instructions in the next 48h* following the purchase.
*Most of the time you do not have to wait 48h, read the FAQ to ensure you don’t wait too long.

Note: You can also use the button below. (You still have to read the terms and visit the shop page to agree to the terms and to know more about supported versions of the game etc. before buying)



  • Tutorial

☞ ▪ Xbox 360 owners
All you need is a USB drive configured by your Xbox and the program “Horizon”.

☞ ▪ For Retail & Modded PS3 owners:
Both Retail PS3 owners and CFW owners can mod their own existing saves. Using a Fat-32 formated USB.

☞ ▪ A full Tutorial after you have bought the tool will be sent to you.

  • More about KG971
☞ ▪ Twitter
 ☞ ▪ Facebook

19 thoughts on “[Xbox360 | PS3] Save Editor for RE Revelations

  1. “I have to admit, Rachael have 2 of the most incredible weapons in this game, if you see what I mean” …. Keepa da eyes offa! Rachael carries those weapons just for me, ha ha ha!


      1. Thaks.
        As a test,I moved “DATA0.DAT” to the same location as “Resident Evil-Revelations Hacking Tool 1.5.exe”.
        Then I renamed all “msvcr100.dll” in the “plugin” folder and started one after another, but all of them had the same error.
        help me.


      2. Hi, again what console are you using a save from ? PS3 or 360 ?
        If it’s PS3, you need to move the whole folder to your desktop. If it’s 360, you need to load the complete CON file, not the extacted file.
        Finally, try a fresh save you just copied from your console, do not try to load the ones you just tried to load.


  2. I tried all the methods you told, but none worked. I’ve read all the explanations and I don’t know what to do.


    1. You should not have an issue at all. Are you sure you installed the prerequisites ? all the C+ C# redistributables ?
      If you still have issues, reply directly to the mail I sent you.


  3. Hi, your email address ? There is no comment with your email address.
    Also, what I meant was, contact me on the email I sent you, the first one ,when you got the tool from.


  4. Hey dude – I am experiencing similar issues with “file unloaded” errors. Is this project on Github at all? It would be super useful if I could pull the source and troubleshoot it myself.


  5. Hi, I’m having an issue where after making changes the changes don’t save and the data corrupts. it worked fine the first two times i tried it and I got the pop up saying that changes were saved. the last several times, I hit save flle, the tool flashes away the images on the screen of the characters, the green bar goes back and forth at the bottom of the screen and no pop up occurs saying it as saved and the data is corrupted. any advise on a fix?


    1. You need to load the encrypted file if you are on PS3, and the complete CON package if you are on 360.
      If you have doubts, then save in game, then copy the file back on your pc, and open that.


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