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✩ Trainers/Save Editors and Editing Services ✩

You will find here ALL the editors, trainers, and services available to purchase. You have one option to select from: One Time flat fee (Buy Now button).
Small Sub Now Button – Means that you will pay a one time flat fee to access the software you want for an indefinite amount of time. (Or 1 file edition only if the item you purchase is an editing service and not a software)

Security Disclaimer: Note that you don’t actually pay on my website, clicking a link here just directs you to the official Payment website. Everything related to payment/cards number etc.. is done on the Payment Website (Strip, Google Pay etc.). I don’t have access to information you enter.

Payment Methods:
If for any reason, you can’t use the payment methods on this page, I could eventually accept Amazon Gift Cards or other cards, but you need to contact me first HERE.

In buying one of my products or services, you signify your understanding and agreement to the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. “HT” & “SE” mean editing tool, save editor, trainer etc.
– PS3/Xbox 360 Support: for some games, can be Full (you can mod your own save) or can be partial (retail PS3 consoles owners can’t mod their own saves for some games, they will have a starter-save to edit). Specific game details on the support may be added.
– Console: can be Retail or CFW PS3, Retail Xbox 360, PC, PS4, PS5 or all five.
– PS4 & PS5 Save Editors/Editing Services: A paid third party software is required* to use them. You need to buy it here and make sure the program version and the PS4 firmware version are the ones specified below, but also make sure the ability to copy saves to external usb device is enabled on your PS4/PS5 for a PSN account.
Current supported Save Wizard for PS4 MAX: [READ HERE]
Current supported Save Wizard for PS4 US: [READ HERE]
Current supported PS4 firmware version: [READ HERE]
if you have another way to decrypt/encrypt/resign a PS4/PS5 save, then you don’t need any third party external application (Save Wizard). As you just need a decrypted save to use the editor.
– PS4 Trainers: All PS4 Trainers require a PS4 running on a specific firmware stated [HERE], in order to run the exploits available. A Full tutorial on how to use the trainers will also be sent after purchase.

Reminder: Tools/Services/Saves are for offline only. In buying anything here, you swear on your honour that these will be used offline only.

Complete SHOP ITEMS List

Note: Click on any Save Editor/Trainer/One Editing Service to go to its corresponding details and payment link.
Note 02: “SE” means Save Editor.

AC Valhalla – SE – PlayStation 4* (+PS5 Info)

Ghst. of Tsushima – SE – PlayStation 4* (+PS5 Info)
Ghst. of Tsushima – One Editing Service – PlayStation 4 & 5
GOW – Collection Volume II (Origins) – SE – PlayStation 3
GOW – Trilogy – SE – PlayStation 3
GOW – Ascension – SE – PlayStation 3
GOW (2018) – SE – PlayStation 4 & 5
GOW (2018, PC Version came out in 2022) – SE – PC
GOW – Ragnarok – SE – PlayStation 4 & 5

MH World Iceborne – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
MH World Iceborne – One Editing Service [VIP EDITION] PlayStation 4 & 5

NBA18 – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
NH 2 – SEPlayStation 4 & 5
NH 2 – TrainerPlaystation 4
NH 2 – Trainer – PC

Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time – TrainerPC
Prince of Persia – Warrior Within – TrainerPC
Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones – TrainerPC
Prototype 2 – SEXbox 360

Remember Me – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE – The Umbrella & Darkside Chronicles – SEPlayStation 3
RE – Code Veronica X HD – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE HD – SEPC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE 0 HD Remaster – SEPC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE 4 HD – SEPC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE 6 – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE – Revelations – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE – Revelations 2 – SE Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
RE – Revelations 2 – SEPlayStation 4 & 5

TLOU 2 (Last of Us Part II) – SEPlayStation 4 & 5
Tomb Raider – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3

UFC Und. 2009 – SEXbox 360
UFC Und. 2010 – SEXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
UFC Und. 3 – One Editing Service PlayStation 3
UFC Und. 3 PS3 TrainerPlayStation 3

Wo Long – TrainerPC
WWESVR Series – SE – Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

WWESVR 2007 – PS4 TrainerPlayStation 4
WWE12 – SEXbox 360
WWE12 – Logo InjectorXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
WWE13 – SEXbox 360
WWE13 – SEPlayStation 3
WWE13 – Logo InjectorXbox 360 & PlayStation 3
WWE14 – SE Xbox 360
WWE14 – PS3 TrainerPlayStation 3
WWE14 – PS3 Logo InjectorPlayStation 3
WWE15 – SEXbox 360
WWE15 – PC TrainerPC
WWE15 – PS3 TrainerPlayStation 3
WWE15 – PS4 TrainerPlayStation 4
WWE16 – SEXbox 360
WWE16 – PC TrainerPC
WWE16 – PS3 TrainerPlayStation 3
WWE16 – PS4 TrainerPlayStation 4
WWE17 – SEXbox 360
WWE17 – PC TrainerPC
WWE17 – PS3 TrainerPlayStation 3
WWE17 – PS4 TrainerPlayStation 4
WWE17 – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
WWE18 – PC TrainerPC
WWE18 – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
WWE18 – One Editing Service [VIP EDITION] PlayStation 4 & 5
WWE19 – PC TrainerPC
WWE19 – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
WWE19 – One Editing Service [VIP EDITION] PlayStation 4 & 5
WWE20 – PC Trainer – PC
WWE20 – One Editing ServicePlayStation 4 & 5
WWE20 – One Editing Service [VIP EDITION] PlayStation 4 & 5
WWE22 – PC Trainer – PC
WWE23 – PC Trainer – PC

Last edited on April 11th 2023

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46 thoughts on “Welcome to KG971’s Shop

  1. a question: save editor de nioh 2 (€ 25.00 EUR) is a monthly subscription? do I have to pay this amount monthly to use it?


  2. KG brother good to see ya.. probably don’t remember me.. we used to chat alot over YouTube when you first got into modding.. how you been?
    Anyways is there going to be a trainer for WWE 2k22 for PS4 and PS5 users for those that don’t know how to use Hex
    or will you do a Tutorial on how to use Hex on PS4 and PS5
    Just hmu and let me know
    Good to see ya again keep up the great work .. your getting better and better each time my friend


  3. Hi. I’m trying to buy the Nioh 2 trainer but the checkout page is not working for me for some reason. Is there another way to pay? Paypal or something? Thanks


      1. Oh, so you mean on PS3, I don’t know why I assumed it was for 360.
        I will let you know if I do in the future, at the moment I do not offer editing services for the game.


  4. Hi. This looks amazing, but I have one question that is important to me before I consider getting it: Do the enemy levels on a custom NG+ using this editor stay the same as they would in a regular playthrough? I want to use all my unlocked level 9 gear, but I don’t really want to fight level 1 enemies using that gear…I would prefer it if all enemies are level 9, but if not, they should at least be higher level. In the previous game, using Santa Monica Studios own regular NG+ feature, you could begin a NG+ with enemies at level 7. Does this Save Editor in any way let you start a new game with all your stuff, but with enemies starting at higher levels?


    1. I have no idea as I didn’t check, but I think it doesn’t adjust to your level. However, you can decide to unlock EVERYTHING at level 1, so that way you have all the gears, items, weapons etc.. But at base level, so in a way they will be adjusted to your level if you decide not to upgrade the items.
      For example, normally the spear is unlocked at level 5. But with the editor you can unlock the spear at level 1 at the start of the story.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I could do that. But that would defeat the purpose of NG+ for me, since I want to play a new game at full power. On the other hand, if I don’t do that, I’ll be fighting low level enemies while both my level and my stats are high. It’s fine though, I’ll just wait until SMS’s NG+ comes out in Spring, since they’ll probably have enemies start at higher levels this time around as well, like in the previous game. Then I can buy your editor afterwards, after starting on a NG+ save, and use that to edit my stats and put armor perks in my enchantment slots. Thanks for the reply! 🙂


      2. I don’t understand though, it’s almost the same thing. When you upgrade an item it’s really just the level that’s upgraded, except for some exceptions when a perk is added when you update an item (like reduce the time of runic attacks when they are upgraded for example). In that case just upgrade these only to match your needs. You will have all the materials to update anything you want. The editor is not just a massive “unlock everything” cheat. You get to adjust what you unlock.
        The main items that increase your level/stats are really the armor set and weapons. As long as you have these at low level you should be good. I have to test this but when you say you want to unlock all skills in the editor, it unlocks the skills no matter what level your weapon is.


  5. please respond bro, I’ve been trying to contact you, since the update for the wwe trainer it refuses to launch, please help me


  6. Hi, I bought a trainer from you and it’s been 2 days, but no letter and nothing. Is there any way you can help me with this?


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