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– PC Trainer for WWE18


  • Description

With only 10 hours of sleep since the release date of the game, I give to you a PC trainer for WWE 2K18® ! You can buy the game on all major gaming websites and local stores.
The trainer works only with: version 1.00/1.04/1.05/1.06/1.07 (legit Steam Version/Codex Version) Normal/Deluxe Edition, with and without the NXT Generations/Enduring Icons packs installed..
There is no guarantee the tool will work with future updates of the game. But rest assured that I will still try to update the trainer to work with future versions.

This is only the beginning, the first basic version of the trainer, I’m planning to work on many more updates in the future to add the following features just like last year:
– Selection Screen Modifiers (Renders Injector) [EDIT: AVAILABLE ALREADY]
– “Offline” Logo/Face Capture Injector [EDIT: AVAILABLE ALREADY]
– Advanced Match Modifiers [EDIT: AVAILABLE ALREADY]
– More “My Player/My Career” Mode Mods [EDIT: AVAILABLE ALREADY]
– WWE Universe Mode Modifiers [EDIT: AVAILABLE ALREADY]
– CAW Editor [Unlikely to be added]

Note that this year there are more restrictions for the EASY Match Modifiers (but it is fixed by the Advanced Match Modifiers).
But most importantly, the CAW gender mods cause issues that are even worst than last year. EDIT: I found another fix that doesn’t cause these issues.
Read the features below for more info.

Note: Once I am done implementing the features of last year, I will I accept requests for new features/mods. If you have an interesting idea, or want a mod added to the trainer then, let me know by email or in the comment section. Requests coming from customers who donated via my website link will be treated first.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with WWE, 2K or any company related to the game. All names, images and logos are their respective properties (If you want me to remove something, please check the Legal Disclaimer). The edits are meant to be used in offline mode on any platform its meant to be used. I limit it as far as can in coding, and buyers swear on their honour to use it offline.


  • Features

Trainer for x64bit PC:

Gender Modifiers
Play Divas in all matches, even against Superstars, for CAWs and Superstars.
– Changing a CAW’s gender creates an ugly glitch and messes up the CAW’s meshes. To fix it you need to revert back to his original gender. This doesn’t happen to In-game superstars or divas. UPDATE: There is a beta fix for the CAW’s glitch/clipping, its the “Gender Change Mesh Fix”.

– Changing the gender of an in-game Diva will crash the game when selecting the alternate attire of this in-game diva. There is a beta fix for this crash, its the “Diva Gender Fix (Alternate Attire Crash Fix)”.

CAW Gender Change Mesh Fix (Beta)
This is to try to fix the ugly glitch/clipping appearing on CAWs when changing genders, its in beta.
UPDATE: mesh/clipping issues are now fixed better, you have two options to select from when applying this fix. [NEW]
Option 01: Fix works in Entrance/Match, but DQ is turned off automatically.

Option 02: Fix works in Match only, NOT in entrance, and DQ acts normally as it is not changed.

Diva Gender Fix (Alternate Attire Crash Fix) (Beta)
This is to try to fix the crash happening when selecting the alternate attire of an in-game diva you changed to male, its in beta.

Text Modifiers
Change Name, HUD, Social Media, ect. on the fly. For CAWs.

Attributes Mods
Edit your attributes up to 255 for Superstars and CAWs.

Health Ratio Modifiers
Edit the amount of health points attributed to each part of a CAW & Superstar Health. This gives you Infinite Health.

Ability Modifiers
Edit your abilities and get up to 16 at the same time. For Superstars & CAWs.

Unlock all NPCs
Unlock and Play with all Non Playable Characters of the game, including but not limited to: Lana, Paul Heyman, Jo Jo, Renee Young, Referee, Paul Ellering, Stephanie (Suit), Bobby Henan, etc.

Weight class Modifiers
Edit your weight class from featherweight to Ultra Heavyweight
Note: Ultra Heavyweight sets your attributes to 30.

Unlock Everything
Unlock all outfits, moves, characters belts, etc.

Max Virtual Currency (VC)
Edit your VC to max so you can buy everything.

Match Modifiers
Edit all the matche’s rules. This means almost No restriction. You can create 6-Man Elimination Hell in a Cell, Ironman 6-Man Tag, etc.
Note: Easy Match Modifiers has changed this year, some rules don’t overwrite existing ones. So in some instances, you can’t add elimination, or falls count anywhere etc… You will have to be clever when using this feature, sometimes editing the Custom Matches or Default Matches.
For example adding “Falls count anywhere” in HIAC, don’t work. But adding a “HIAC” into a Falls count anywhere match, works.
The Advanced Match Modifiers will try to fix this however and allow you more freedom, like 8-man HIAC falls count anywhere, or 2vs2vs2vs2 matches etc… This feature is in the work.

Game-save Backup (Corrupted Backup Fix)
Some people might be aware that sometimes the WWE 2K18® game recognize your game-save backup as corrupted. (By that I mean when you go in the game save folder, you copy you game-save manually to somewhere else on your PC in-case something happens or whatever, and then when you want to paste it back to the game-save folder, the game tells you its corrupted). Well the trainer fixes this issue. You need to have the game on steam.
The trainer will also do an automatic backup of your game saves each time you connect it to the game after you enable this feature.

My Player/Career Mods
▪☞▪ Edit your VC, Attribute points to spend, WWE years, Max out/reset all attributes etc… Edit your MyKickstart points to spend (even if you don’t have it) [NEW]
▪☞▪ Edit your Attributes up to 255 (even if it doesn’t show up in the attributes Menu, the overall is updated and IS effective)
▪☞▪ Edit your Health Ratio beyond its limit. In other words, have close to Infinite Health. [NEW]
▪☞▪ Edit your Abilities, Names, Social Media, HUD Name etc.
▪☞▪ Edit your My Player style. (High Flyer, Strong style etc…) You don’t have to start over ! And you can select exclusive moves from other styles too ! [NEW]
▪☞▪ Edit your Popularity and Influence levels. Max Levels and Unlock all perks. [NEW]
▪☞▪ Manager/Tag Partner/Rival Mods. This means you can select any Superstar/Diva/NPC as such. For example, having Renee Young as your Manager. Note: You need to advance the story mode to apply this.
▪☞▪ Unlock Everything: All Moves, Clothes, Abilities, Skills… ect. Unlock even items that you normally do via loot boxes! [NEW]
▪☞▪ Edit the current match card : select your opponents, type of match, edit your promos, run in etc., edit the winner/looser, play other matches that you are not part of etc.. Do as many Promos, Run-in, title matches as you want. Challenge anyone. Change the calendar to get near PPV dates. [NEW]
▪☞▪ Always have 5-Stars Matches [NEW]
▪☞▪ Always Max Promo Ratings [NEW]

Selection Screen Modifiers (Renders Hack)
Apply a personal image from your computer as the picture of a CAW. It will replace the Screen/Fighting pose, or mainly known in the community by the term “Render”. This picture will be seen when at the characters selection screen when setting up a Match. It will also be used as the default picture of your CAW anywhere/anytime the game needs it (at the Pause Screen, at the final match screen pose, etc).

“Offline” Logo Injector
Import your own pictures to be used as Logos without having to go through the Online Community Creation menu everytime. This is why “Offline” is marked with quotes, because you need to download at least one logo online. Then you can truly import offline. This is NOT possible with Face Captures, only logos.

Advanced Match Modifiers
▪ ☞ Infinite Stamina, Infinite Finisher, Infinite Signature, Infinite Health
▪ ☞ Special Guest Referee
▪ ☞ Same Superstar vs Same superstar ect… (cena vs cena vs cena)
▪ ☞ Team Modifiers (1vs2vs2vs1,2vs2vs2vs2,2vs4 etc..) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Modify the Royal Rumble Entrants (superstars and remaining superstars so you can have for example a 10-Man Royal Rumble)
▪ ☞ AI No Movement
▪ ☞ Starting Health Modifier (Edit each body parts)
▪ ☞ Rules Modifiers (over the top rope, first blood, tornado tag, 2 out of 3 fall, unescapable cage etc…)
▪ ☞ Fight in hidden arenas (NXT performance center etc…) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Change Superstars/Divas in Cut scenes/Gameplays such as My Career
▪ ☞ and MUCH more…

WWE Universe Modifiers
Note: Only for 1.04 update version of the game or above.
▪ ☞ Mod the shows (replace ANY title by ANY title, edit the MITB winner, the Royal Rumble winner, the total of matches per show, change the show’s arena to hidden ones etc…) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Edit the Match Card (Participants, type of match, rules, title match, team, the winners/losers, if its finished or not, edited or not etc..) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Mod the rivalries (John Cena vs John Cena, female vs male etc.., edit the intensity and duration etc…)
▪ ☞ Use the match card and rivalries to create your own scenario/cut scene (eg: start a tag match by attacking the other tag team)
▪ ☞ Mod the teams (Make a superstar be part of multiple teams) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Mod all Superstar’s/CAW’s main goals [NEW]
▪ ☞ Mod all Superstar’s/CAW’s status effects (duration and/or stacks for conqueror, injuries etc..) [NEW]
▪☞▪ Always have 5-Stars Matches [NEW]
▪☞▪ Always Max Promo Ratings [NEW]

Story Maker Modifiers (Create a Video) [NEW]
This is a feature that use the “Create a Video” mode in the game.
Once in that mode, replace arenas, superstars etc… in any scene you want.
Also, use both male and females in a scene without gender issues or glitches.
Note: Only for 1.04 update version of the game or above.


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  • Download/Buy

Modding Service/Buy

Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the tool you want. Once the payment is received, you will then receive an email with the instructions in the next 48h* following the purchase.
*Most of the time you do not have to wait 48h, read the FAQ to ensure you don’t wait too long.

Note: You can also use the button below. (You still have to read the terms and visit the shop page to agree to the terms and to know more about supported versions of the game etc. before buying)


  • Tutorial

All You need is a x64bit PC (it is needed to play the game anyway).
☞ ▪ A full Tutorial after you have bought the tool will be sent to you.

  • More about KG971
☞ ▪ Twitter
 ☞ ▪ Facebook

WWE 2K18 is a recognized Trademark of Take Two Interactive Inc

61 thoughts on “[PC] Trainer for WWE18

  1. – 10.23.17 – 1.1.0
    – CAW Gender Change Mesh Fix (Beta) feature updated
    mesh/clipping issues are now fixed better, you have two options to select from when applying this fix.
    Option 01: Fix works in Entrance/Match, but DQ is turned off automatically.
    Option 02: Fix works in Match only, NOT in entrance, and DQ acts normally as it is not changed.


  2. – 10.27.17 – 1.2.0
    – Advanced Pre-Match Modifiers (aka Advanced Match Maker) feature added
    – CAW Renders Modifiers feature added
    – “Offline” Logo Importer feature added


  3. – 10.30.17 – 1.3.0
    – More Advanced My Career/My Player mods added. Edit your match card as you want, without restriction.
    – Always 5-Stars Matches and Always Max Promo added (Can be found in my career, more tab).


    1. Its normal, the trainer is supposed to work with the base game only, as it was stated.
      I will however work on updates, as they come. Just like this one, I will work on it, and make a compatibility patch for it. I will let you know when its ready.


      1. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not blaming you. I just find it funny that for YEARS yukes released one patch, ONE! Two if we were lucky. And that’s literally all we got. Now it seems like every other weekend they’re releasing one. Still haven’t noticed any bug fixes either… cheers KG.


  4. When unlocking the dlc, all the characters function correctly except specifically the ones from the NXT pack. They have no entrances, and their moves are weird. For example, as Elias I went for a running clothesline but as soon as I pressed the button an animation of him cowering on the mat happened. Then the game crashed. During the selection screen, jojo correctly calls out their names, but they’re all listed under the same name which happens to be the name of my first created superstar I made. All of the other dlc works though, van dam, kurt, cena, all if them, even the new hardy boys and rock & roll express work. They have their moves, entrance/music, all of them.


    1. Hi, thanks for the heads up. I think the new update changed something that I didn’t see, so I have to do the same thing I did for new DLC (Matt Jeff etc…) for the old NXT Generations DLC. I will release an update in the next few days.


  5. Thanks K.G, it works great now. You rock. One very minor thing I’ve noticed is that Ricky and Robert’s Stereo Dropkick move is the only move still locked and not available. Everything else is working fantastic and playable.


  6. I bought it. And I got it even quicker than promised. Got the mail right the next day.
    And it’s working well.

    I wasn’t very convinced but I’m happy I tried. The trainer fulfills the made promises what means it’s adding many possibilities to the game. From changing matches to mixed matches to editing many aspects of the game.

    It took me a few tries to get into how the tool is working. But it have popup messages that are showing how to do it.

    Great tool that is improving my fun


  7. Hi mate,

    before I buy the trainer I just wanted to ask one question. Does the infinite health cheat work in the Royal Rumble in Universe Mode? I’ve never had one of your trainers and that was always a problem in other trainers for 2k16 and 2k17. Thanks in advance!


  8. Hey KG, would it be possible to add a feature to the story maker? I’ve see that you can edit some npc’s in these scenes such as the referee who are not normally editable. If the referee model is able to be changed using your trainer, would it be possible to edit the model for the title belt? By default it’s always the wwe championship. It would be awesome if the belt could be changed to any of the other available belts, as well as created belts!


  9. with you trainer can i have a female caw in my career mode without a glitch (can do it but with body glitch , many parts fixed but overall body still bad) . It seems i can fix up matches (DQ etc)
    (ever figured out a way to move custom superstar to mycareer ? )

    Can i edit existing superstar (e.g. brock/nikki) head / body shapes even if to certain limit (e.g. in 2k16 I was able to morph nikki but system always crashed for individual part morphing) I know in 2k18 u can only choose preset shapes. so is that possible to choose preset shapes.

    heel to face etc conversion ?



    1. Any feedback ? it will help me decide if i need to buy or pass on. by the way great job with the features i see


  10. Hi KG,
    Really a great product, very impressive. though having some hard time injecting stories into universe mod (but that seems to be my personal issue rather than your trainer) as it do injects story time to time.

    Is it possible for you to add one feature in career mod, enable the option to reset to the default body. That will really be kool.

    Best regards.


  11. I have a suggestion for a new mod. The script for the promo mini-game is horrid. Would you be able to implement a way to edit the script so the wrestlers can say something more along the lines of what we want? Just a thought. Love the trainer!


  12. hey i bought the trainer,just wondering if it sends to the paypal email. And like Angel said it would be pretty cool if we got fat wrestlers and divas, thats kind of tough to do with just coding tho. I’ll be looking forward to your 2k19 trainer


    1. It should be possible, at least for the svr 2007-2009 games. There are hacks that allow you to create taller CAW’s than the game allows. Also, i think you can create bigger divas if you change the gender to male.


  13. Hi KG, i will like to say the trainer is really awesome and it has increased the entertainment exponentially. So I will like to know if you got any time to look at my service request and figure out if it’s possible or not. Best regards.


      1. not that one, i was able to do it without body slide and it was pretty boring, but no body glitches 🙂 the easy way, nothing u may call a proper hack, like cheat engine etc.

        It was about about two features
        1 – highlight reel time
        2 – better control on cut scene (by the way your trainer is awesome and it works perfectly fine). I mean rather than game choosing the scene we force it to use a scene. I have mailed you my findings, which may or may not help.

        Best regards.

        By the way i don’t think we need slider… what might be possible is to track the function being called in normal case and calling that function forcefully — but the way game treat all this i now doubt if this will work even if one succeeds. Default cloth in training and though u get those back when training is over, they are hard to texture.


      2. sorry the game choosing the scene is misleading, your trainer controls it. But we must know the number. And to know each number we have to play a billion gazillion times


  14. Hi KG, an enhancement to the trainer can be Create Easy Entrance screens, if you trainer can change the default arena (which can’t be changed from raw) it will be awesome. One thing is sure if you change the wrestler (add new while playing with this) the wrestler don’t appear. So it seems if default arena has to be changed, it should be done earlier. Looking forward to wwe 2k19 trainer, because your trainer makes it a lot more fun.
    Best regards


  15. unfortunately I cant enjoy the trainer. I tried to buy it via credit card and it wants paypal. my card is on an account of which I lost password to and therefore I cant reset it due to paypal having issues. this really sucks because I really wanted to buy this and support you man!


  16. Hey! I’d love to purchase this but beforehand I just really want to make sure (as this is what I wanna use it for) it works for the Codex version just fine? and in terms of switching genders, does that work fine for CAW? What i’m looking for is to make a tournament with men and women mixed, so that’s the most important thing! if that’s functional ill buy it right away, thanks!


    1. Hi, I do not try to make it work for a pirated version. If it works for then it works for it, if it does not, then it does not. Last time someone told me it worked for them, so that’s why I said it works for it.
      As for the gender mods for CAWs, there is a beta fix for it, meaning that’s it’s not fully working. You can read about it in the details section of the page. I did my best so it can work, but there is nothing more I can do for this.


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