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If advanced mode is not available for a game in Save Wizard, you can already get mods for PS4 from me, using one of my save modding services for PS4.

As many of you know already I am now making Save Editors for PS4 as well. The downside is, my PS4 save editors are not stand alone applications at the moment.
In deed, you still need a paid third party software called Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, for my PS4 editors to work as intended.

What is Save Wizard ?

It is a great software that offers basic cheats for PS4, by editing your saves. It supports hundreds of games and game versions.
However despite the brilliant tech they have that decrypts and encrypts PS4 saves (what my editors lack of), Save Wizard still lacks some advanced cheats. This is what my editor tries to add, more advanced, automated cheats.

You need to be on a specific version of this software to be able to use the PS4 save editors, as well as a specific PS4 firmware. The compatible versions can be seen [HERE]. Make sure both PS4 firmware and third party software versions are the same as the one stated on the page.
There is no guarantee my editors will work with future versions of this software (in case they patch it). However even if they do, once another method/application to encrypt/decrypt PS4 saves is available, the editors will work with this new method/application as well.
As you need this third party software to use the PS4 save editors, there are requirements coming with it that need to be fulfilled. Taken from their webiste:

Save Wizard Requirements for my PS4 Save Editors

  • A computer running a 32bit or 64bit version of one of the following: Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • “Copy to USB Storage Device” must be enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this).
  • PlayStation 4 running X.xx or below [VERSION HERE]

We recommend that automatic updates to the PlayStation 4 and/or games are turned off as these could cause compatibility problems with this product.

So what do you do ?

– You want a Save Editor ?

For me to make a save editor for a PS4 game, it has to be supported in “Advanced Mode” in Save Wizard.
Some games are not supported at all, and some games only have “Quick Mode” available, but this doesn’t allow me to make a save editor for the game, only “Advanced Mode” can. However, I can still make mods for it, but it will be an EDITING SERVICE, see below for more details.

Save Wizard does take request from you guys, and then they add games to their list accordingly.
If you want me to do a Save Editor for a game on PS4, then go ahead and make a request HERE, asking for the game you want, to be available in “Advanced Mode”. Upload your PS4 game-save where it tells you to.

So first, make your request to their website, and only then buy this software if they grant your request for the desired game. I will let you know if/when they have done it.
Before making your request though, read some info below.

– You can’t have a Save Editor due to the reasons above, But you can have a Save Editing Service.

But what is it ? Its just you asking for certain mods for the game, and me doing it for you. You send me your save, I mod it a I send it back to you, you resign it with Save Wizard, then you transfer it to your PS4.

So, to get the modded save I will send you working you will need:
– A legal licensed copy of a specified version of Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Buy it HERE.
– Only if you didn’t register your profile in Save Wizard for PS4 before, you need a PS4 running a specified firmware. [READ HERE]. Or else, you are good to go, because my save will be compatible from 6.02 up to the latest PS4 firmware available on PSN.
– A PS4 PSN account (or the ability to copy saves from the PS4 to a usb device)

Current State of What’s available already on the website:

Resident Evil Series
I already created a PS4 Save Editor for Resident Evil – Revelations 2. (Full list of Features Here)
If you want another Save Editor for PS4 other than for Revelations 2, then vote for the one you want HERE.
Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil 6 are currently not supported in “Advanced Mode” in Save Wizard (make a request on their website first before requesting it from me). Once the request granted, the future PS4 Save Editors will have the same features as their PS3/360 versions. Or, you can request a Save Editing Service from me.

WWE Games Series
Only a SAVE EDITING SERVICE is possible. I edit your save with the mods you want, and then send it back to you. You resign it to your profile using Save Wizard again. Make the request on my website for one for the game in the series you want.

Another Game
If you already have Save Wizard, and you know “Advanced Mode” is already available for the game you want me to make a PS4 editor for, then request the editor HERE.
If you don’t have Save Wizard and don’t know if “Advanced Mode” is already available for the game you want me to make a save editor for, then use the “contact me” form HERE, upload your save (whole save folder with the ID) on mediafire, and send it to me.
In any case, you can still make a request for a Save Editing Service for ANY game you want HERE.

To get these future/already existing Save Editors working you will need:
– A PS4 running a specified firmware. [READ HERE]
– A legal licensed copy of a specified version of Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Buy it HERE.
– A PS4 PSN account (or the ability to copy saves from the PS4 to a usb device)

It is recommended to stay on the supported firmwares. But note that each time a new version comes out, they try to update their tool within 2 weeks.

I wish you an excellent day !

Sincerely Yours,


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      1. Okay thanks one more question do we hav to send what we want in order to get the moded sav’s after we buy or subscribe for the editor or can we jus use nd make them ourselves


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