About K.G 971


I’m K.G 971, a developer & programmer. I make Tools to edit save games offline or raw memory  (save editors, trainers) for PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC.


I started modding back in the days of ARMAX, Codebreaker (PS2), Gameshark etc. I’m a former PS2 modder.
I started as a member of “Code-X”. I progressively had the status of  “Moderator”, “Global Mod” and “Legend”. So I modded with the likes of Trigin, RatedRKO, Sergio, TyE, Undertaker ba etc… My special asset was to mod WWE games such as HCTP, SVR games etc.

I then became a next-gen (at the time) console dev, doing mods for the Xbox 360 (Read the Xbox Scene Details below).

Become a time when I needed money for private reasons. I had some skills in modding allowing me to mod what other people had a hard time doing, I decided to use those skills to have some remuneration, and thus started charging for the softwares I create.

They are unique, so either the tool is the only tool available for a game (like my UFC, GOW, Valhalla editors) or it contains something no editors have (like WWE games tools). All that justifies the price of the tool. It is worth the money, and the support is there.

My main focus are now WWE games tools on PC/Consoles, and editing tools for PS4/PS5 for various games.


I’m known there for the release of the PS3 Save Resigner, which allows you to resign any save from any game, profile, region, console to any profile, region or consoles.
However I was mostly known  for modifying PS3 game saves. Now I’m doing editors for both PS3 (Retail & CFW) & Xbox 360 consoles.
My PS3 save editors are the only ones available or the first to ever come out. For games like God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, Bleach, Resident Evil, UFC 2010, WWE ’13…. etc..


Some people know me as just “K.G” for modifying saves and creating tools for games such as UFC 2009 & UFC 2010, SvR games, Alan Wake, AC Brotherhood… etc.
I was the most active member on Xbox360Content back when it was the best modding site around, with JizzaBeez and Feudalnate. My UFC tool being the most downloaded tool on the site.


I had just started PS4 save editing at the time, around 2016.

Since then, this is now my main work scene. I created unique tools for games like GOW, Nioh, Valhalla, TLOU Part II etc.

At the moment my applications need a paid third party software called Save Wizard for PS4 MAX.
It is a great software that offers cheats for PS4 by editing your saves. However despite the brilliant tech they have that decrypt and encrypt PS4 saves, it still lacks advanced cheats. This is what the editor tries to add, more advanced, automated cheats.

However, rest assured that this software was not reverse-engineer, and that the editors don’t connect to their servers in any way. Read more in the legal disclaimer here.
To get my PS4 save editors working you will need:
– A PS4 running a specified firmware. [READ HERE]
– A legal licensed copy of a specified version of Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Buy it HERE.
– A PS4 PSN account (or the ability to copy saves from the PS4 to a usb device)

I am planning to develop my own encryption and decyption program, but for now, users of my PS4 editors need Save Wizard for PS4 MAX.

I also started to work on Playstation 5. My editors usually work for games on PS5 if the games have a PS4 save to PS5 save feature of some sort. Games like AC Valhalla, Nioh 2, GOW/GOW Ragnarok etc.


WWE Games Communities & Modding Communities in General
People don’t like the fact that I charge money for the tools I create.
So they don’t really like/support me. I don’t get why. If someone likes my work and want a mod, then he makes a purchase. That way both I and the customer are happy. They get the mod they wanted, and I have the financial help I need. We are both winners.
But some people just don’t like to pay for things, or  they think the work I put in code searching, editing, modding, creating, is worthless. It is what it is, can’t change some people minds.

In addition to that, all this had led to one particular event back in 2K14, with a WWE tool I created that provided CAWs maker the ability to upload in the game their own logo/pictures on a retail console.
My code was leaked to other WWE games hackers, and they used MY code to create their own tool without even crediting me. Now they are seen as the kind people who released a tool. Whereas the truth is they stole my work (months of endless nights). So that affected my reputation in some forums somehow.
This is just pathetic to be honest.. I call that haters.



Now i only run this website, it’s only there you will hear freely about my projects.

☞ ▪ Twitter
 ☞ ▪ Facebook

31 thoughts on “About K.G 971

  1. Hello and is there anyway you could make a save editor for Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition on PS3. I bought and used your J-star Victory Save Editor and loved it. would buy the D3 UEE one if you did make it. thanks


    1. Hi, I’m glad you liked the editor.
      I didn’t make one because It is not that much requested by people.
      I will work on one if I get the game, and have time to work on it.


      1. K.G 971 can you help me with something i made a save editor for fallout 3 and new vegas can you help me update it and allow playing as the mysterious stranger possible and editing health caps armor skills perks stats and such please


      1. Hi, thank you. But I will only send it to this email if it was mentioned when you bought the tool. Otherwise I will only send it to the paypal email adress.


  2. Okay thanks man , I was hoping to receive it today , anyways keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your tools you make in the future for wrestling games , just tell me when you send it , I’m excited for it.


  3. hello KG love your work so glad, i found your site you do lovely work especialy with the WWE games but i know i only had bought both your wwe 2K15 xbox 360 hacking tool yesterday .

    via paypal and while i was at it the GTA V xbox 360 and ps3 hacking tool yesterday also payment sent via paypal .

    and i know i only bought and payed for them yesterday but i had just wondered if you had gotten my payment for them from yesterday ? and possibly when they will be sent to me and my email address i requested them to be sent to please?.

    my personal email address which is cross_word2003@yahoo.co.uk i did add a note with the purchases for them to be both sent to that email . as it is my main emai address any help with when they will be sent to me.

    any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated with kindest regards from Andrew.


  4. I have a challenge for your upcoming WWE 2k16 for PC save editor, along with all the awesome things you have already in the save editor, would you please make a way to unlock the clothing and hair options, meaning, 2K has made it where you can wear a jacket or hat to the ring but you cant wrestle in it, they puts a ! symbol next to the clothing and things they forbid you to wear while wrestling, Is there a way to make all clothing and hair available for both diva and superstars? meaning if i want to have a superstar with Diva hair and the other way around, I am sure you can find a work around for that for the upcoming PC version. I purchased 2 of your save editors last year for WWE 2k15 for XBox360 and you do an awesome job!


      1. Can you make a caw injector for svr 11 / wwe 12 ill happily pay. For one I just got back into playing it 2k22 is fun and all but I had more fun replaying the older gen games


  5. Hi, I would like to suggest that you have made a save editor for the game Metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain. It would be a great tool as there are many lovers of this game including me.


  6. Hey dude, I want to buy the Nioh 2 Save Editor but I can’t seem to get thru the pay pal link on the page. In need of your assistance pls, thanks.


  7. Yo KGod, never knew you had so many haters Bro…your save editors are top notch and when it comes to them, Im only limited by my lack of knowledge…which you are always more than happy to teach. Keep up the great work and I look forward to using your products in the future.


  8. I bought a save editor for assassins creed Valhalla a few years back and I lost the email because it got hacked and I still have the editor but don’t know the license


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